Sunday, March 27, 2011

Putting the heat in Grilled Cheese

Today is a very crisp chilly day in New Jersey. We avoided the Snow storm they warned us about. The Skies are blue but  baby it's cold outside.

What's a good way to bring up the heat on a cold spring day?
How about Grilled Cheese with a touch of Heat.

sandwich for 1 :
or any hearty bread is fine. I like wholesome breads, no high fructose Corn Syrup , no enriched flours. If i have time, i will make my own.
The easy way to assemble is have your ingredients out and ready to go.  Turn the heat on medium-low using a medium size frypan.  I assemble the sandwich in the fry pan. That's what I find the less messy way. Lightly coat 1 slice of bread and drop in the pan mayo side down. top with enough Cheese to cover the bread twice, peppers ( how many? how hot do you like it?). Lightly coat the other slice of bread with the mayo and place it mayo side up on top of the bread cheese and mayo already heating in the pan.  Cook on low. peek to see if it's browning. Don't cook it too fast or the bread will be done before cheese even knows the party started. Patience...patience...looks browned and toasty? Carefully flip with a spatuala and repeat the patience part. once it's all browned your cheese should be melted. if it cooked too fast..don't worry it happens..put it on a plate in the microwave for about 23 seconds.
Slice and enjoy.. My way is with a nice cold glass of milk. Enjoy

oh..and if you don't have a heat source in the kitchen.... assemble the sandwich, wrap in aluminum foil with the mayo side of the bread touching the foil and turn your clothes iron on high and press the sandwich with the iron. will work in a pinch.

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