Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whoops I made a gallon of Bean Dip.

One of the best mistakes I ever made....

My goal was to make amazing baked beans however my Pressure cooker had a different plan.

This can be done in a pot too.

In my electric pressure cooker I placed the remainder of the Easter Ham bone and meat that I had froze after I knew we would not finish it at Easter.

  • Ham bone
  • 15 bean soup mix ( i do not use the seasoning packet)
  • water. ( don't have a measurement because I had to add water a few times) I started with about 4 cups...but added more later.

I pressure cooked 10 minutes and it was not enough, I added some more water, I cooked 4 more minutes still not enough. 2 more minutes and I let the pressure come down itself. Overcooked. Panic? Heck no. I took out the ham bone, took off the ham, removed the fat and used my hand held blender to blend the overcooked beans with the ham, adding water to get a nice consistancy for dip. Keeping it a little on the thick side.  Done. No extra seasoning was needed it all came from the ham.

This seriously made close to Gallon of dip. this could be used in burritos but what I did was smeared it in a casserole dish about a 1/2 inch worth and topped with cheddar cheese and microwaved until the cheese melted and served with chips and I made a Cold Taco dip to go with it as a separate dish.

You can use just about any type of dried beans but this is what I use.
Beans cost me 85 cents , Cheese was less than $2.00 and the Ham was leftover so I call that Zero.;jsessionid=6F6F986DE26563DD5584756F3B8D0139.instance03?CAWELAID=317656777&cmpid=goobase

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